Fall Creek

July 28, 1984

Eight of us left South High parking lot on Saturday for a seven mile hike in the Fall Creek area. On the way out of Eugene, a beautiful deer bounded across 30th just in front of the lead car. While no rain had been forecast for the day, we ran into a shower out of Unity. This produced groans from those who had left rain gear at home. More groans followed a little later when first-time leader Barb couldn’t find the Puma trailhead. (It wasn’t anywhere to be found in Puma Campground, naturally!) Once on the trail, the sound and sight of Fall Creek was refreshing. With the water level in the creek low and the weather finally warm and sunny, we were able to find a perfect spot after lunch to roll up our jeans and wade in the water for a lazy half hour or so. Later, on the trail, a spectacular clump of Indian Pipe was a delight to see.

My thanks to hiker Saundra Miles for her help with driving and car shuttling from Dolly Varden to Puma. Other hikers were Gary Marx, Nancy Cogan, Phillip Renault, Rose Hess, Bryant Mitchell, Marie Mulholland and leader Barb Elsen.

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