Olallie-Bear Flat-French Pete Loop

July 21, 1984

This trip attracted a small sign-up, but we managed to steal a hiker from the Lowder Mnt group assembling nearby in the parking lot. Gladys decided to join us to make a carload of five.

Our trail took us past windows to the east where we stopped to look at views of Three Sisters, and their friends further north and south. We reached the old Guard cabin a bit before noon, so we stopped to chat with resident Wilderness Specialist Richard Eden, and eat lunch. After lunch, a short way down the trail, we took Bear Flat Trail through a meadow and then through forest and streams for seven miles. Bear Flat Trail has not been maintained recently. The trail is badly overgrown, littered with fallen branches, and obstructed by many fallen trees. We should have counted the logs climbed over or stooped under. And how many streams crossed? Next time I’ll count!

When we reached Pat Creek and the junction with Pat Saddle Trail, which is the upper end of the French Pete Trail, the afternoon and our energy were both winding down. We ate the last of our emergency rations and started the last two miles. We encountered muddy, badly washed trail for a short way.

High points of the trip were fine weather, beargrass blooms, lillies and other flowers in meadows and forest. And our small but sturdy group included Gladys Grancorvitz, Marjory and Volney Kelm, Vince Pinto & leader Velma Shirk.

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