Three Sisters Wilderness - Demaris Lake

July 17-19, 1984

This trip was originally scheduled for Linton Meadows. An aerial reconnaissance of Linton Meadows on Wednesday, July 11th, in a small Cessna, revealed that the Linton Meadows were completely snow-covered. Eileen Lake was still covered with ice. The only thing “out” was Linton Creek. John and his obliging friend then went around the South Sister to see what the terrain looked like on the East side. Wonder of wonders: Demaris Lake was sparkling water with nary a trace of ice. There was at that time much less snow on the East side. The trip was of necessity rerouted to this alternate spot.

On Saturday and Sunday, John and Marge Kocher made a further land reconnaissance and found it necessary to use a map and compass to get to Demaris Lake because of the snow covered trail. The lake camp sites were all clear and the water in Demaris was quite suitable for swimming if you are related to polar bears. Those who signed up for Linton Meadows were told of the change of plan, and all agreed that Demaris would be a great place to go.

The trip left the parking lot at SEHS shortly after 7 a.m., and drove to the trailhead at Pole Creek. The weather cooperated beautifully, and we had pleasant trip in. Dee and Allen are photographers and had a great time with wildflowers and all of the Sisters plus Broken Top. We reached the lake relatively early and promptly went swimming after putting up the tents. The water was very refreshing. We then went to some springs and water falls for our source of delicious, delightful, pure, clean water. We lugged this treasure back to camp. After being rewarded with a colorful sunset, we attempted to sleep out rather than in our tents. Unfortunately, the 3S Wilderness Air Force was flying frequent sorties over the area resulting in several scores on our arms, backs, and legs. In other words, the mosquitoes were fierce. Undaunted, and having plenty of Jungle Juice to screw up their landing patterns, we retreated to the fortress of our tents.

On Wednesday we trekked across the snow to Camp Lake. It was just starting to come out from under the ice. The scenery was magnificent. On the way we lunched at an unnamed lake where John and Marge Kocher had camped the previous Saturday. On the return trip we decided to cross-country with map and compass. We hit the Demaris trail at exactly the place planned. Wednesday night the wind was blowing hard enough to ground the 3S AF.

Thursday we took a short hike to the meadows below Demaris Lake. There are numerous water falls and delightful scenery at every turn, a photographers delight. We then trekked on out reaching the car at about 3 p.m. We had an extremely congenial group and I would welcome the opportunity to go on trips with all of them again. They were Dee Bray, Margaret Crosland, and Allen Wicker, with John Kocher, leader.

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