Middle Pyramid

July 15, 1984

After meeting the leader at the highways 20 and 126 junction, the group continued on to the trailhead where we were met by six Chemeketans, also on an official trip. We hiked through the cool lower forests of noble fir, Douglas Fir, and hemlock to a flat area reputed to be a haven for skunk cabbage, although no one could smell it. We came across three members of the Oregon Native Plant Society scouting an upcoming trip. As we switchbacked up the ridge, both wildflowers and views of the major Cascade Peaks were prevalent. We encountered a few snow patches on the northeast side, but soon arrived on the summit where all of the peaks from Mt Hood to the Sisters were visible. We were joined by another three hikers midway through our lunch. After over an hour on the summit, we retraced our steps to the cars, where some dunked their hot-feet in a cool stream by the trailhead.

Enjoying this sunny and warm trip were Dan Bates, Ruth Coffman, Norma Lockyear, Gary Marx, Paula Vehrs, and leader Ralph Nafziger.

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