Grizzly Peak

July 8, 1984

As always, this is a delightful hike along the trail beside pristine Pamelia Creek into Pamelia Lake, then up Grizzly Peak through blooming rhododendrons, by a refreshing waterfall and on to the summit for a stunning view of snow-capped Mt Jefferson. The last half mile had snowdrifts, where it is, sheltered by the northwest exposure. A leisurely lunch in the warm sun and with reluctance, it was time to start down. Enjoying this day together were James Coons, Judith Engle, Bob Foster, Gladys Grancorvitz, Jane Hackett, Vi Johnson, George Laird, Jan Logan, Cindy Meares, John, Pilafian, Dave Predeek, Gene Thaxton, Marian West, Allen Wicker, Tom Woxell, and leader Glenn Meares.

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