Sourgrass Mountain

July 8, 1984

Sourgrass “84”! I just figured out why the wildflowers are so puny this year—too much water and not enough fertilizer. Sourgrass “84” was another one of the good ones. Beautiful weather and a small congenial group. With the wildflowers so skimpy this year and as I am the “so called“ flower expert on this hike, I didn’t anticipate much in the way of questions Questions! For a group of five people I’ve never had so many questions. I finally let someone else take the lead and I brought up the rear so I wouldn’t have to keep running back to identify flowers. The only one I missed was that buttercup-like flower we found in the second big logging unit. “Cinquefoil” came to me in the middle of the night.

After high-stepping several hundred yards through the carpet of beargrass on the Sourgrass, we had lunch and a nap in the shade of a little clump of alpine fir overlooking the Hills Creek Canyon. Then, with more high-stepping through the beargrass to my faithful patch of owls clover and then down and out through the alder thicket to my pickup.

My final head count revealed that followers All Hajarizadeh, Carol Houde, Allan Sorenson, Jane Tucker, and Paula Vehrs had survived the devil’s club in the thicket close behind the leader, Bob Holmquist.

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