Bohemia Mt

July 4, 1984

After meeting at the Congregational Church parking lot to avoid about 6,000 people connected with the Butte-to-Butte race, we put everyone in one car, left one car at our driveway and went to Cottage Grove to meet four additional people. Then we proceeded by way of Brice Creek to Bohemia Saddle and started up the mountain trail. The flowers were better than on Iron Mountain almost two weeks before, but still not good. The trail was blocked by the big snowfield just below the summit. We found Penstemon rupicola in bloom along the cliff tops and, down below, a wide variety of wildflowers.

We went to the top of Fairview with the cars, then down to Bohemia City, which showed a few early flowers, but not enough to make walking on a very hot day worth while. Coming back, one car stopped at a magnificent flower “garden” alongside the road. Then on home with a short stop at an unnamed waterfall which enters Brice Creek. On the way home, Miki and Robin counted some 60 flowers they had found in bloom. Making the trip were Bob Foster, Miki Hutchison, Truman Grandy, Ken and Virginia Willis, David and Paula Maclellan with Robin and Ken Lodewick, leader.

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