Rebel Creek-Rebel Rock Loop

July 1, 1984

Fifteen hikers were. joined by Dave Predeek from McKenzie Bridge at the turnoff to the Cougar Reservoir. After a mini-breakfast there, we found the newly cleared parking horseshoe just past the Rebel Creek Bridge on road 19, a great improvement on the scanty roadside shoulder parking previously available. Improvements abound on the Rebel Creek Loop. Early on we admired and utilized the handiwork of Pete Cecil and his bridge-building workers whose recent log-bridge project starts off the Loop Trail in such a thoughtful way. This trail provides a more gradual ascent to the Lookout than does the Rebel Rock trail we used on our return. The Loop’s scenic qualities, with numerous brook crossings and mossy glens, were the more delightful under clear blue skies and shirtsleeve temperatures. The faster hikers in the group added an extra half mile to the 11.5 mile hike by crossing the meadow to the area just below Rebel Rock, which provides wonderful Cascade views.

The entire group admired the geological area at the far end of our loop and advanced to the Lookout and then to the highest viewpoint of the day for our formal lunch stop. Wild flowers were abundant here as along most of the way, with particularly fragrant herbs at the highest point—we were fortunate to have Whitey Lueck to identify everything for us. After lunch we enjoyed the cold and welcome spring water flowing from the pipe west of the abandoned shed just a few hundred yards from the viewpoint where we had stopped.

Steady downhill walking for five miles brought us back to the parking horseshoe at the trailhead. We tucked our tired knees into the four cars and headed for home, grateful for yet another beautiful day in the Three Sisters Wilderness. The happy hikers were Doris Allen, Karen Edwards, Bob Foster, Agnes and Tom Gillman, Gladys Grancorvitz, Bonnie Ledford, Dot Leland, Norma Lockyear, Whitey Lueck, Glenn Meares, Dave Predeek, Maxine Thompson, Merle Traudt, Pauls Vehrs, and leader Dallas Cole.

(This hike was substituted for the scheduled one to Tam McArthur Rim which was not accessible due to snow.)

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