Grasshopper Mt. via Hi Yu Ridge

June 24, 1984

This is an outstanding area to hike! Views along the trail include the Cascade peaks from Jefferson to Bachelor—we did encounter snow on the last mile to the meadow but our volunteer trail breaker, B. Emmich, took us around the bend and into this glorious meadow with views of the peaks in every direction. Six of the group: Cummings, Emmich, Marx, Nafziger, Richmond and West went the extra ½ mile crosscountry to the top of the mountain; Steussy went an extra distance to explore the trail through the meadow, Johnson studied map, compass and photography, and rest basked in the brilliant sunshine. All too soon it was time to depart. The trail needs to be edged out to make for easier walking. I don’t believe this has been done for a long time. An excellent, longer hike requiring a car shuttle could be done from Lowell Pass along Hi Yu Ridge through Grasshopper Meadow, past Chucksney Meadows and out through Box Canyon. This is a good late spring/early summer area.

Along the road from Westfir we saw huge fields of blooming rhododendrons and some bear grass. The roads to the trailhead from Westfir are excellent; one group returned via the Cougar road, and although it isn’t as good as the other way, it is much improved over the condition it was in two years ago. There are numerous clearcut areas on which the logs have not been taken out along road 1927 to #19. We had an excellent view of the Moolack Mountain area—a part of the Waldo Wilderness. A great Day—A great Hike—A great Group—Wonderful Wild Flowers!. The great group was Audrey Cummings, Bob Emmich, Joanne Haines, Maxine Hall, Nola Kalez, Gary Marx, Ralph Nafziger, Genelle Sing, Suzanne Steussy, Henrietta Richmond with co-leaders Mary Ellen West and Vi Johnson.

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