Rogue River Trail

June 23-26, 1984

We had an excellent group of ten backpackers to enjoy the beauty of the wild and scenic Rogue River. Hikers were divided into two groups so that we would have cars available at either end of the 40-mile trail. Group A, with Bruce Kraft, Ed Lovegren, Velma Shirk, Millard Thomas and Margit Hollered, hiked east from Illahe (Foster Creek). They camped at Camp Tacoma, East Mule Creek, and Meadow Creek. Group B, consisting of K.C. Kraft, Royal Murdock, Mike Hackett, Margaret Crosland, and Maxine Thomson, hiked west from Grave Creek and camped 1.5 miles west of Russian Creek, east of Quail Creek, and at Camp Tacoma.

The weather was hot, but not as bad as Memorial Day weekend 1983. I drank about four quarts of water a day. Group B observed a bear on the opposite side of the river; Group A had fireworks at Tacoma Camp. Refreshments were had at Powers, Paradise Lodge, and Rice Rill. Group A were the lucky ones—they had dinner at the Wolf Creek Inn.

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