Father’s Day Bike Ride

June 17, 1984

The weather on Father’s Day was all that a bike pedaler could ask for—lots of sunshine, but cool enough to make for a pleasant ride. There were two father-son combos plus young Frank, whose father had probably opted for a less strenuous a.m. on his day.

The ride meandered about on road and bike trail to the northern end of the Willamette River bike oath where we examined a sturdy concrete pedestrian-bike bridge that has lain fallow (except for carrying sewage through huge pipe encased in the bridge) for over a year due to lack of on-ramps. Continuing from this point, we kept to the South Bank, crossing over into Alton Baker Park on the Ferry St. bridge, before making one final river crossing on the Willie Knickerbocker bridge.

The last two miles of the ride included some tough hill climbing guaranteed to whet the appetite. Jane was riding an elegant Trek bike fresh off the showroom floor and as yet untested on a grueling grade. The-chain began jumping out of low gear, very hard on chain, gear and Jane. It was only prudent for her to “bug off” at the 15½ mile post, dash home and finish the ride in a motorized vehicle. Barb had a similar problem, but she managed to finish the ride using a “band aid” repair technique.

At the lodge (M.P. 16½) everyone had a sumptuous breakfast, served by a bevy of hard working volunteers, and deliciously prepared by more of the same. It was a grand finale to our Sunday morning bike treking experience.

The pedal pushing crank spinners were Frank Bertrand, Bill and Eddie Cox, Barb Elsen, Judith Engle, Jane Hackett, Dick and Steven Loescher, Sig Otto, Parker Riddle, Gene Thaxton, and leader Bob Devine.

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