Devils Den

June 3, 1984

After Ed Lovegren’s easy 9-mile Rebel rock trip on Saturday turned into a 14-mile epic, I was a bit tired on Sunday when I showed up at the South Eugene parking lot to wait for the eager “Devils Den” adventurers. After waiting an extra 15 minutes for “NO SHOWS” (more about this later) we started off for Roseburg and a coffee break. We then drove west of Roseburg, to Melrose and up the Callahan Road to the top of Bear Ridge. We left our cars at the end of the paved road, and started hiking north along the ridge. The views of the green Umpqua valley 1,000 feet below were excellent.

Arriving at the “Den” I went ahead and placed a safety line to make entering easier. We took the right hand crack system to the lower outside to “Bathtub Rock”. Then a short scramble around the base of rocks to the start of the “narrow passage way”. It was fun to hear some of the comments—if this leader really knew where he was going. At the end of the passage we popped out into the “BIG ROOM” where the Obsidian work party had done their good deed a few months before, cleaning out the mess caused by someone cutting down the large big leaf maple tree. We continued climbing, descending, crawling, wiggling, squeezing, etc. to the official lunch spot. During lunch we watched the great Devils Den “slug” fest (you figure it out).

After lunch we started down into the “Bat Room” at which point Gerald and Ann Morsello decided logically to wait for us at the lunch spot. We went off down into the “Large Slab Room”, and wiggled outside the “Den”. A traverse back up, and we were at the official end of the “Den”, the “Blarney Madrone Tree”. Those reaching this hallowed spot were Judith Engle, Robin Price, Velma Shirk, Jack Ewing, and myself as Chief Cave Rat Gary Kirk. We then returned to the lunch spot by a different route. Returning to the entrance of the “Den” was done partly by new routes. A short 2-mile hike and we were back to the cars—a good day—a good group—and a good hike.

Now for the negative side—Thirteen persons had signed up for this trip, so when someone would call and ask if there was a limit, I had to say yes there was, and I’m sorry it had been reached. Also I would like to have asked a few people to go that I know would have enjoyed the trip, but I did not due to the number already signed up. Saturday morning one person called me at home, and said he could not make it. Then, at the parking lot one person who had shown up decided not to go due to a reaction to some medication. Both valid reasons. The problem was that 7 persons did not show up and did not bother to phone me so that I might have let others who had wanted to go know that they could. It seems a shame some people did not bother to let me know they were not going . . . .

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