Rebel Rock

June 2, 1984

“Miles by Trail - 9” That’s what the sign-up sheet said, but one thing lead to another and I decided it would be great to do the Rebel Creek/Rock Loop Trail, see the new trail cutoff built by the Obsidians, and cross the magnificent new “Cecil” bridge built by John and Pete and a supporting cast of hard-working Obsidians. It was also a chance to see lots of new, beautiful country as I had never been up Rebel Creek Trail (or for that matter all the way up the Rebel Rock Trail either—oops!). The loop would add a few miles, but what the heck! Actually, it added a lot of miles. The hike ended, up totaling almost 15 miles to be honest just about ¾ miles less than the “Let’s lynch the leader” point. As Anne Montgomery put it a few days later, “Well, I see you survived the Rebel Rock Death March!”. It wouldn’t have been such a total body buster if there hadn’t been so much snow, and also if we hadn’t found a beautiful series of blazes leading out of the last critical snow-covered meadow. Lucky us! We found a trail only Helen Smith knows about, long since abandoned. By now it’s 5 p.m., gray and cold, but, no problem, it’s time to do what any good mountaineer does as a last resort—get out the map and compass, and find out where you “should be”. All in all I thought it was a great adventure (a view possibly held by few).

We left our cars about 10:15 a.m. and hiked up the beautiful and very steep-sided Rebel Creek canyon. Snow was encountered at the trail junction 5.7 miles out. We had “lunch” at 3 p.m. about half way up Rebel Peak on an interesting rocky outcropping. Gary Kirk, Anne Montgomery and Brad Helms rocketed on to the top and over to the base of the massive rock tower that dominates the side of the mountain. After a short lunch stop, we proceeded to the Rebel Rock lookout for another great view point and rest. From here on we had the most trouble following the trail because of snow, but as mentioned earlier, we did work out our snow problems, and then “enjoyed” the last 4½ knee-straining, steep miles to our, as they say, welcome cars. The last group made it out at about 8 p.m. Survivors were Ted Castell, Ruth Coffman, Bob Foster, Gary Kirk, Anne Montgomery, Kathy Perkins, Gary Carl, Judith Engle, Bradley Helms, Pete Jensen and leader Ed Lovegren. (Next year the Odyssey continues as we do it again!)

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