Roman Nose

May 26, 1984

Our group started via the Crow Road and Oxbow Road to the Siuslaw and then westward to the mouth of Esmond Creek, then south across the divide and up the final pitch to Roman Nose Mountain. We parked below the lake in the quarry and hiked through the field of flowers to the top. We ate lunch by the lookout and waited for the fog to lift. We could see out occasionally. However, when we left we could look back and see the mountain without the low cloud cover. We drove up Esmond Creek to a point it was prudent to park and walk, then hiked on into the lake margin. Esmond Lake is a landslide lake with many trees in it. We all got our feet wet trying to hike to a spot that we had a good view. However, most of the lake is around the bend. Beaver maintain the spillway. There may be a difference of opinion as to whether it is worth the effort, but if so, the group maintained their silence on the subject. Sunshine took over and I think most enjoyed the lush greenery and the view from the top that they may have to imagine—lacking a really clear view.

Getting their feet wet were 5 Appels—Bryan, Doug, Geoff, Heather and Mary Ann; Nancy Cogan, Helen Lynch, Gerald Morsello, Alys Riley, Paula Vehrs, and leader Ewart Baldwin.

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