Silver Creek Falls

May 26, 1984

The trip started in a light drizzle with four cars and a spare. (The group of 3 insisted on taking along a dog. The leader said no, so they went to another part of the park.) Then one driver would not believe the way we started out (south freeway entrance) so was late at the park. Then the leader missed the park entrance (it got moved) and had to fuss around with the car shuttle. However, we got started on the trail at 10:30, going first to the upper north falls. It sprinkled lightly on us all morning and the trail was slippery under foot. But the flowers were out in abundance (33 species, give or take a few saxifrages). During the afternoon rain ceased and the sun and people came out. All the falls were flowing full and some extra ones were thrown in along the way. Everyone agreed that the final falls was the best, South Falls. Also that the pleasures of hiking, even in mud, wipe out all problems in getting to trailhead. Playing in the mud were Elliot and Priscilla Aronin, Ted Castell, Marguerite Halttunen, Karen Houglum, Helen Hughes, Loretta Mason, Alan and Millie Miller, Bee and Bob Meserole, Rachel Major, Gladys Grancorvitz, and leaders Ken and Robin Lodewick.

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