Brownsville Bike Ride

May 12, 1984

The 50-mile Brownsville Bike Ride departed Coburg City Center at 10 a.m. on one of the nicest Saturdays in a long long time. Heading North on Coburg Rd, four of the riders asked if they could cut loose and highball the 20 some odd remaining miles into Oregon’s third oldest town. With verbal routing instructions supposedly memorized, they took off. Five miles down the road they took a wrong turn. As a result, they pedalled more miles but (wouldn’t you know it) saw more things of interest than Corinne and the leader did. One example: a doe with fawn grazing along-side the road. As the riders drew closer, the doe bounded effortlessly over the close-spaced barbed wire fence while the panicking fawn first butted the wires then got his leg tangled in the wires. What he lacked in grace, he made up for with sheer determination, and the fawn was soon able to make Mother’s Day reunion with worried ma.

Everyone had to grind their way up and over Diamond Hill going—but after a leisurely lunch across the street from the Brownsville museum, we headed back to Coburg on a flatland route. The only excitement we had returning occurred when we stopped in front of a dilapidated old farm house for a minor bike repair. Out from the house burst a big bruiser of a dog who headed directly for us with a mean sound in his bark. It didn’t help our composure to have the owner stand on the porch screaming “Killer, you get back here, Killer”. Fortunately, the hound was all bluff—more pussy cat than killer.

The Rider of the Day award just had to go to a gutsy 13 year old (Frank) riding his mother’s old Peugeot, and seemingly effortlessly leading the pack at will. What a guy!! Sharing the tranquility of seldom used back-country roads were Frank Bertrand, Ken Zimmerman, Corinne Hunt, Marion Davidson, Judith Engle, and leader Bob Devine.

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