Tide Pools at Low Tide Cape Arago

May 6, 1984

The South Cove of Cape Arago was the spot for our morning tide pool explorations with Dr. Bayard McConnaughey. Following Bayard around is like having an illustrated biology textbook or lecture at your finger tips—no slides but the real thing. Among the strange and beautiful plants and animals that we saw were the “gumboot” chiton, sometimes called the wandering meat loaf, the many-rayed star fish (21 arms), red sea star, sea urchins, lumpets, whelk, crabs, By the Wind Sailor (jellyfish), plus three in our group saw a newly born baby seal!

Lunch was at Sunset Bay State Park, and after lunch Bayard showed us around the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston.

Evelyn, Bayard’s wife, is an authority on sea weeds and has written a book: Sea Vegetable Recipes from the Oregon Coast. Before we left for Eugene, she treated us to a delicious stir fried dish containing 6 kinds of seaweed. We also sampled pickled bull whip kelp. Not only was the trip exciting and different, but the weather was exceptional. We all thanked Bayard and Evelyn for their leadership and hospitality.

Tide poolers were Sunny Barrett, Dee Bray, Al and Sylvia Crump, Barb Elsen, Pam Fitzpatrick, Bob Foster, Shirley Froyd, Gladys Grancorvitz, Jane Hackett, Joyce Hainsworth, Vera and Wally Keller, Bruce Kraft, Harlow Perrin, Alys Riley, and leader Dot Leland.

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