McKenzie River Trail, Buck Br.-Trail Br.

May 5, 1984

For a day that started with rain and a South Eugene parking lot full of school buses, the final result was pretty good. It rained and sleeted hard, at times, on the way to and from the trail and as we started. The rest of the time the rain tapered off from showers to quite a bit of sun. A number of flowers were in bloom: yellow violets, 2 currants, calypso orchids, tway blade, syntheris, at least 2 saxifrages, romanzoffia, trillium, wild ginger, valerian, hairy manzanita, mimulus alsinoides, salmonberry, lomatium anemone, oregon grape and cress, birds heard and occasionally seen were junco, varied thrush, nuthatch, woodpecker, myrtle warbler, wren, chickadee, flycatcher and swallow. Elk and deer tracks were seen. The trail was in very good condition, with only three large trees down across the trail and a few smaller ones all easily stepped over or ducked under. (There were four large trees across the trail to begin with, but one was in small enough pieces so that the men in the party rolled them off and out of the way.) Two of the party stopped at Deer Creek Road and were picked up by the car shuttle on the way home.

Flower and bird lovers were Jo An Conway, Bob Foster, Jeanne Holmes, Margaret Kemp, Jerry Maul, Bee and Bob Meserole, Marjorie Zane, a nd leaders Ken and Robin Lodewick.

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