Gold Point

April 14, 1984

It was a beautiful, sunny day for our party of twenty-one to make this hike to Gold Point. The party out of Eugene picked up the leader at the Lowell Ranger Station as well as our two guests. Six cars drove up the Fall Creek Road, turned off onto the Portland Creek Road No. 1825, then a left hand turn onto Road 1835, and another left hand turn onto Road 220, which goes up Logan Creek, took us to the trailhead. We now have a graveled turn-out making it much easier to turn cars around and to park.

Following introductions, our party headed up the trail, which is a good trail with numerous switchbacks, and takes hikers to the top of the ridge in about .2 miles. In a very short while we stopped in a spot where we could sit down and listen to what our guests had to tell us about future plans to cut the timber on the north side of the ridge. They presented four possible plans—A,B,C,D,—the first would have no extension of present roads and all units would be yarded by helicopter, needless to say this would be the most costly. The second would extend a road aways and allow some logging by high line. “C” plan would extend the road farther and thus allow more high line logging. This road extension would take out a section of the old trail, but a trail reroute would be constructed on the south slope below the top of the ridge. “D” plan would extend the road farther still and take out another section of the old trail where a trail reroute would again be constructed. Logging would be done both by helicopter and high line.

After about three quarters of an hour of questions and, answers, the party moved on up the trail observing the places where the old trail could disappear and the approximate location of the reroutes. As we got closer to the top we found snow in the trail and a track which was identified as a cat track. The helispot near the top was pretty well covered with snow so we went out on the edge overlooking the Gold Creek Drainage to have lunch. From here we could see several tips of our snow mountains.

The party arrived back at the cars about 4 p.m., and consisted of Harold Busby, Mary Carter, Bernice Claypool, Emmy Dale, Catherine Jones, Carolyn Kompanik, Mary Musa, Lin Pierce, John Powell, Karen Seidel, Allan Sorenson, Susan Stewart, Fred Schepman, Jane Tucker, Ethel Veltman, Margaret Wiess, Tom Wiesenfeld, Tom Woxell, Ronald Humphrey (guest ranger from Lowell District) and leader Helen Smith.

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