Old Baldy - Coburg Hills

April 7, 1984

The weather was typical for a trip up Old Baldy in April. There was a high overcast with a breeze and occasional drops of rain. Walking up through the pastures along the muddy roads and rivulets several hikers suggested that this trip be called a river trip rather than a hike. The view going up, as always, starts out as “quite nice” and expands to “outstanding” at the top. No view of The Three Sisters to the east, but the valley was visible. The main party reached the top at about noon while a few of us ate lunch with a fine view lower on the slope. With some rain squalls visible to the west, we started back down to the cars at about 1:10 p.m. and reached the road at 2:15 p.m. Fortunately, we all got back to town before the weather moved in. Thank you to all the hikers: Ted Castell, Bradley Helms, Mal and Audrey Howell, Jerry Maul, Jean Pitetti, Jeri Rexford, Ruth Romoser, Jim Russell, Joanne and Hans ?, and leader Mary Ellen de la Pena.

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