Ridgeline Trail

April 1, 1984

I. Report.

Occasionally teased by the sun peeking through leaden clouds, our enthusiastic group slogged the length of the Ridgeline Trail—and thus was dubbed the “Mudlukkers”. From Willamette Street to Dillard Road we gingerly made our way over the least-muddy portions of the path, stopping only to exclaim over views of the city and to identify the lovely spring wildflowers. Overlooking Dillard Road and the hills to the South, we found a nearly-dry lunch site, where we basked in occasional sunshine and enjoyed our conversations with new acquaintances.

Now with leaden boots, we sloshed and slid our way back toward Willamette Street. We arrived at our cars with ample time left in the late afternoon to meet the next challenge—boot restoration. Hikers with feet of clay this April Fool’s Day were: Roberta Kalbfleisch, Judy Landrum, Steven Loescher, Harlo Perrin, Naomi Prouse, Linda Rockwell, Jean Rubel, Jean Thompson, Marian West, and leader Judy Hammitt.

II. Comments.

-The trail is really awash in mud, and is being badly damaged by continued use while it is in this condition. I’d encourage people to stay away for a while, to give it a chance to recover.

-We had seven nonmembers/new participants. Almost all of them commented that they signed up for the trip because of the late (10 a.m.) starting time which gave them a little extra weekend time.

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