McKenzie Trail - Clear Lake to Eugene Water Board Houses

March 31, 1984

Seventeen hikers and leader hit the trail at Clear Lake about 10:15 a.m. hoping for decent weather for the day. I was surprised at the snow we found in places on the upper end of the trail, but as a whole the trail was in good condition. There are only 2 trees that need removing. The falls were beautiful—so much fuller with water than we are used to seeing later in the season. Even the usually dry stretch of river bed had water in it. We ran into the first trilliums of the season on the lower end of the trail.

The weather gave us a mixed bag—drizzly rain, a few short glimpses of the sun, and then peppered us with a real rain and hail storm about the time we were back to our cars. Hikers were Ruth Coffman, Ann Smith, Dee Bray, Judith Engle, Ted Castell, Connie Hunt, Miki Hutchison, Gladys Grancorvitz, Robin Steussy, Pat Shaw, Dot Leland, Elinor Rodgers, Fred Schepman, Ruth Romoser, Anne-Montgomery, Mary Millman, Paula Vehrs, and leader Elizabeth McMullin.

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