Yachats to Waldport

March 24, 1984

Ten of us in two cars reached the Adobe parking lot in Yachats at 10 a.m. and joined Dee Bray, formerly of Eugene, now a Bandon resident who read about the hike and called in her reservation. Another out-of-towner, Bill Smith had cycled part way from Los Angeles!

After taking famine precautions with mother’s muffins and shuttling a car to Waldport, we inspected the pink starfish and anemones and sea urchins in the tide pools just north of the Adobe. Another natural phenomenon very much in evidence were the “Before-the-Wind Sailors” identified for us by Whitey Lueck. Great shoals of them had washed onto the beach, their blue and transparent little triangular hulls forming a nearly continuous fringe on the sand and pebbles, and their persistent fragrance making us glad it was easy to stay upwind on the wide beach, as the low tide was around 12:30 p.m. that day.

Blue sky and sun lasted til well after 1 p.m.; were glad to be hiking north with the glare out of our eyes. Haziness increased after lunch, but without the rain which is sometimes a companion on this hike. We found enough water underfoot occasionally to make this an “authentic beach experience” as we splashed through numerous tidal creeks. Only Whitey felt the need for total immersion. The abundance of water washing down to the shore from higher altitudes this very wet spring is apparent at the little creek about three miles north of Yachats. In summer it is an easy wade; now the substantial channel requires a detour of about a block along the highway. We rejoined the beach in time to enjoy our favorite driftwood “ship” lying mostly stranded at any tide on what is probably the widest expanse of the beach. As we neared Waldport we passed a number of seals swimming lazily in the Alsea inlet, adding to the difficulty of tearing ourselves away from a delightful area.

Beach trekkers were Dee Bray, Nancie Fadeley, Barb Elsen, Shirley Froyd, Rose Hess, Whitey Lueck, Jeanine Pohl, William Smith, Selma Sturgeon, and John and Dallas Cole, leaders.

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