Tahkenitch Dunes

March 17, 1984

Two of the three signees got wet feet because they feared wet feet so the leader and one other made the trip to the coast. It proved to be the right move. It didn’t rain after the first few minutes. There was a little wind, but not enough to bother. We walked the .8 miles through the lush forest. The trail had been cleaned up recently. A few trilliums were in bloom. The sand dunes were firm because of being damp, so the walking was easy. We mosied over to the coast and walked the beach. Lots of Men ’O War were lying on the beach as well as a lot of clam shells. We even found two glass balls. Coming back we cut across the grassy and swampy area and walked back along the dune part and had fun jumping down the sides. Nifty day for Jeanie Holms and leader Shirley Froyd.

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