Eagles Rest via Ash Swale

March 11, 1984

Since the hike was so close to home our departure time was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. from the usual gathering place at 19th and Patterson. It was not such an unusual surprise to discover that the nonmembers outnumbered the Obsidian members.

As the weather looked promising, I decided to start at the Ash Swale trailhead off Goodman Creek Road. We stopped at the shelter briefly and inspected the newly installed puncheon bridge. Everyone agreed that it was a definite improvement. There are still some additional low areas that need work. We crossed the road above the shelter and proceeded up the trail to Eagles Rest. After enjoying a leisurely lunch we returned via the steeper old Boy Scout trail to the road and walked ½ mile on the road before returning to the Ash Swale trail and back to the cars. We took an alternate route back to Highway 58 and made a brief stop at the Pleasant Hill Dairy Queen for coffee before returning safely to Eugene at 3 p.m. making an early day for the 7 hikers who were John and Pete Cecil, Carnne Hung, Mary Musa, Allan Sorenson, Terry Terry, Tom Wiesenfeld, and leader Mike Wright.

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