Ridgeline Trail

March 4, 1984

We started our hike in fog and winter clothing at the Dillard Road trailhead. We walked up out of the fog during our assault on the peak and had an enjoyable lunch at the top of Spencer Butte. Brilliant sunshine without smog to all points of the compass with the sun reflecting off the snowy Cascades was enjoyed by all. The fog even burned off Eugene during our stay. After lunch we went-back down the hill and resumed the trail to the 52nd and Willamette trailhead. The trail was in good condition if one ignores numerous patches of deep mud—one of our party did not wear boots and slipped and slid her way through the gumbo. Our congenial group consisted of Merv Hisel, Bob Emmich, Gayle Russell, Judy Forell and Betty Clark, all nonmembers, and members Miki Hutchison, Paula Vehrs, and Sandra Larsen with leaders Bob and Ellen Tracy.

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