Ridgeline Trail-Spencer Butte

February 29, 1984

The trip began and ended at my house near Donald and Fox Hollow. We began by going up the power line to the beginning of the Ridgeline Trail near Willamette Street. The trail from there to Dillard Road was muddy a good share of the time. We hadn’t started hiking till about 10:30 so the hikers insisted on eating lunch near Dillard Road. From there we hiked back to the other new trail that connects to the trail going to the top of Spencer Butte. From there we took the deer trails up the east side and then the regular trail to the top. Had a much needed rest at the top. We returned to my place down the north side and onto Owl Road. Got back to my house about 4:15 p.m. Total milage about 7 miles. Hikers were Dallas Cole, Barbara Marseth, Carolyn Davis, Bob Emmich and leader K C Kraft.

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