Clark Butte

February 19, 1984

Nine plus one hearty non-rain fearing people arrived at the South parking lot prepared to hike Tire Mountain. A short stop at the Lowell store over coffee and under rain and wind gave pause to concern over conditions of the road to and the trail of Tire Mountain. The decision was made to abort the Tire Mountain Trail trek and go instead to Clark Butte. In spite of the elements the walk was a good one. The first signs of spring flowers were in evidence. Also in evidence is a sign on the upper trail indicating closure of the trail to public use. There is no explanation as to the reason for the closure or who is responsible for it. Millard Thomas and the rest of the group missed connections at the Lowell store. He went to Tire Mountain and found snow at the three mile mark. He noticed as did the people hiking the trail this past December the markings on the trees along the trail indicating a logging (clear cut) sale. From all appearances the Tire Mountain trail would disappear for some distance. Walking in the rain were: Shirley Froyd, Joan Keigher, Millard Thomas, Barbara Chinn, Maxine Hall, Judy Forell, Virginia Prouty, Jane Tucker, and leaders Mary Ellen West and Vi Johnson.

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