Takenitch Dunes to Threemile Lake

January 15, 1984

Clear and cold is the best way to describe Sunday’s hike on the coast from Takenitch Dunes to the south end of Threemile Lake. The cool temperature and a stiff breeze kept us moving down the beach at a brisk pace.

We headed inland to the trail that leads you down to Threemile Lake. The lake is tucked into the dunes—long, narrow and close to three miles long. With dunes on its west side and forest along its east bank, at the present there is no way to hike or even walk easily around this lake. At the south end of the lake the ranger district is beginning a trail that leads from the dunes along the south end and about ½ mile along the east bank before it dead ends. Next year there should be a beautiful loop trail, but for now it was a quick look at the lake after lunch, and a long walk back up the beach or over the dunes to Takenitch and the car. Those making the hike were Susie Daletas, Elizabeth McMillin, Allen Sorenson, Robin Steussy, and leader Jane Hackett.

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