Coburg Hills (Old Baldy)

January 8, 1984

SEVENTEEN, yes 17! winter hikers (8 Obsidians, 9 nonmembers) disentangled themselves from the SEHS parking lot melee Sunday (assembling simultaneously were a X-country ski trip and a Fall Creek Corridor inspection party) and drove in convoy the short distance to Black Canyon Road north of Eugene, the starting point. After climbing through mist and swirling fog, shedding clothes as we went, to the new TV tower, and then on to Old Baldy for a leisurely lunch, the clouds wafted on by and a spectacular view of the Valley and the metropolitan area were had with Spencer Butte and other high points poking through the murk, island like. Our route back to the shuttle cars (sequestered on McKenzie View Drive) took us by way of the prettiest meadow in the whole Coburg range (overlooking Hayden Bridge) and a second, longish rest break was taken in the warm sunshine before sliding and slithering down the final gulley.

On top of Old Baldy (some for the first time!), our large, neat group consisted of Susan Baker, Peter Cecil, Mint Danab, Barb Elsen, Jack and Joella Ewing, Eric and Lisa Jarvis, Karen Kraft, Betty Legris, Charlotte Mills, Sheila Mahan, Steve Merrill, Bonnie Messenger, Don Philpot, Mike Wright, and John Cecil, leader.

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