Deception Butte Trail #3466

November 21, 1984

A small handful of trail workers started on the final phase of the long-awaited creek crossing of an Obsidian favorite hike, #3466 Deception Butte Trail in the Lowell District. This trail has for several years been used only by the strong and sure-footed as the creek, a mile from Hwy 58 trailhead, is/(was) bridgeless and impassable by all after heavy rains. Earlier this year a main bridging member was helicoptered into place by the Forest Service after site preparation work by FS and Obsidian members. Today’s work party started on handrail installation, and further trips will complete and install rails and bridge access on the opposite bank. Five hundred yards of trail relocation will also be tackled. Deception Butte bridgers were Mary Bridgeman, Pete Cecil, and leader John Cecil.

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