Iron Mnt

June 24, 1984

A mixed Obsidian-Chemeketan trail maintenance trip on Iron Mountain very successfully combined a total of 16 members from both clubs. Minor drainage and slumped tread problems were treated on this well-used trail as the crews got to know each other and exchanged ideas and past experiences. Common to both clubs is the perennial problem of lack of volunteers on such trips; indeed we both run almost parallel with “the same few regulars each trip . . .” To finalize the event (and maybe symbolize to absent members of both clubs the need for wider support on trail maintenance trips) the two crews ritualistically shook Pulaskis and grub-hoes at each ether in friendly fashion, and vowed to repeat the experiment.

Iron Mountain combined trail crews were Betsy Beliham, Mary Bridgeman, Tim Craven, John Cecil, Eleanor Dyke, Amy and Willis Graff, Joe and Rob Kuehn, Betty Legris, Dave Predeek, Robert Roner, Andy Staat, and co-leaders Pete Cecil (Obsidians) and Frenchie LeCompte (Chemeketans).

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