Winberry Campground Shelters

March 4, 1984

Five Obsidians (and one nonmember) turned out to renovate two Forest Service shelters at Winberry Campground (east of Fall Creek) on Sunday, March 4. The two shelters (circa 1960?), concrete A-frame, pole construction with 2-story bunk beds had been heavily vandalized in the roof area by fuel-hungry campers. Corrugated tin and ugly clear plastic sheeting have plugged the holes for several winters past. Sunday’s repair crew fitted, punched, pounded and hammered a multitude of FS shingles into place. A six-runged bunk ladder was replaced (using native materials).

Two unsightly fire rings (garbage/ash pits!) were also relieved of their burden, and the whole area generally left in a happier condition than was apparent on the crew’s arrival.

It is hoped that the FS will carry through with their planned re-evaluation of Winberry CG. Intelligent placement of large boulders will restrict vehicles from shelter area, and an occasional , “drop” of campfire fuel may even deter campers from devouring their protective canopy.

Coupled with recent improvements to nearby Station Butte Trail by Obsidian trail workers, the renovated shelters at this picturesque CG have a new lease on life and unlimited potential if treated with respect by non-vandalizing forest campers.

Shelter reshakers were Mary Bridgeman, John Cecil, Barbara Combs, Helen Smith, Jane Tucker and leader Pete Cecil.

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