Christmas Party

December 14, 1984

The Obsidian Christmas party is always a congenial one. So congenial, in fact, that one gentleman flew all the way down from the North Pole just to be on hand for it. He was a bit tardy in making his entrance after dinner, but I’ve got to hand it to him: he was the life of the party from then on out.

Revelers from the 1983 party may have detected some similarities. Talented Vera Woolley, whose decorations graced our tables last year, was coaxed out of retirement to duplicate the feat. She did a beautiful job with Gladys Grancorvitz contributing her time and industry as well. Secondly, we Obsidians were fortunate in securing O’Carolan’s Consort, the English/Irish/Celtic group which made its musical debut at the lodge in 1983. Interestingly enough, the Consort has evolved a much different sound by dropping the Irish harp and piano and substituting accordian and drums. But they are as personable as ever, and got the audience caroling with gusto for a solid half hour.

A wonderful time was had by all, particularly my two and a half year old goddaughter, whom Santa toted around in one arm while disbursing presents with the other. Fifty-one people attended and fees totaled $12.75.

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