Peruvian Alps

June 15, 1984

“I don’t know how many People will show up for this”, I said to Robin Steussy as we set up tables. “I figure no more than forty or fifty. He winced. “I think you’re being a little optomistic,” he ventured. “I would say maybe twenty-five or thirty.” So we prudently set places for thirty-two. Forty-five minutes later, after we had set up four more tables to stem the tide, the lodge population stood at 57 souls. As she stood gazing upon the multitude, the entertainment chairperson spotted several people who had declined to work at the Father’s Day pancake Breakfast two days hence.

David Bong’s delayed arrival gave everyone time to socialize both indoors and out. But as soon as both slide projectors and the sound system were in place, all were transported en masse to Peru for an assault on a beautiful but perilous Andean peak. This was an engrossing and technologically superb presentation—we can only hope that David will treat us to more in future.

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