Broken Top

September 29, 1984

We a11 met at South Eugene at 7 a.m. We then met at Todd Lake where we drove up to Ditch Creek trailhead. (One hunter already had his buck. We then hiked up the trail about a mile where the leader started for the ridge. After we reached the ridge we decided to try it rather than traverse the large scree slope to the other ridge. When we finally reached the summit it turned out to be the south summit, about 125 feet lower than the summit. It was getting late so we enjoyed the nice warm weather and returned to the cars. The climbers of South Broken Top were Rick Ahrens, Jeannette, Mitch, Sharon and leader Ken Daletas, Mike Horowitz, Carol Horvath, Christine Ligneau, Whitey Lueck, Kathy McIntyre, Sheila Simpson and Steve Swenson.

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