North Sister

September 25-26, 1984

Saturday morning we drove to Pole Creek and hiked into Soap Creek for lunch. We arrived at Squaw Creek and set up camp before the afternoon thunder shower. Everyone spent the afternoon doing their own thing, scouting the route, taking pictures, napping, etc.

Everyone was awake by 2 a.m. Sunday, and after a little breakfast we started for the top a little before 3 a.m. Taking an easy pace, by a nearly full moon and a chilly wind, we made the top of the ridge in time to see the red glow of dawn wash out the night lights of Eastern Oregon. Beautiful!!

After a snack while waiting for the sunrise we proceeded to the snowfield. WOW! IT WAS STEEP! The north half was melted out but the southern part next to the corner was very steep. Luckily there was a small moat across the top or I would have seriously thought about turning back. When we nade the top, what a view!—from Rainier to McLoughlin. The four tired but happy climbers were Rick Ahrens, Joe Turner, Bruce Wilson, and leader Keith Blunck.

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