Mt Jefferson

September 1-3, 1984

We all left the Pamelia Lake trailhead at around 11 a.m. Saturday. Hiked up the Pacific Crest Trail about 8 miles and camped at Coyote Lake. Cooked steaks and had beverages and lit up the Coleman lantern and had a relaxing evening. The sunset was very beautiful on the mountain. Got up at 2 a.m. Sunday morning and started climbing at 3:30. Hiked up the west side of Goat Peak, skirted up the north side and up onto the south ridge of the mountain. Walked up the south ridge at a leisurely rate, and arrived at the red saddle. Crossed the snowfield using the moat most of the way. Set up a small fixed line for a 60-foot traverse on the end of the snowfield. Climbed up the west face of the north pinnacle and onto the summit. Weather perfect; excellent visibility; weather cool, and no breeze. Smog was at a minimum from the recent storms, and new snow was very light and patchy.

Climbed down the northwest side of the north pinnacle, crossed the snowfield, gathered at the red saddle, and climbed down the south ridge to Goat Peak, then walked back to Coyote Lake, where we all had excellent meals. We all got up to beautiful Monday morning and sunrise of the mountain and hiked out to the Pamelia Lake trailhead.

Those on the climb were Pam Moore (Blanche Bailey’s granddaughter), John, Lenore, Richard and Kevin McManigal, the leader. (Editor’s note: Lenore completed her tenth peak on this one.)

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