South Sister via “Old Crater” Route

July 28-29, 1984

Hiked to Green Lakes under an afternoon thunderstorm. Cleared in evening. Began climbing 5:30 a.m., passing north side of Green Lakes and climbing steep snowfields and over the “old crater” (the prominent false summit east of the main crater). According to the guide-books, this route is a walk up. It is, except for a 30-foot rappel on the ascent. An interesting exercise with 5 people and total technical gear of one rope, 3 carabiners, and 2 slings.

The egg-sized lump on Warren’s head suggests that hard hats might be in order for any future climbs on this route. 7½ hours to summit; descended via standard route with long glissades.

Climbers were Rick Ahrens, Warren Haynes (1st mountain), Barbara Mickel (on her way to Colombia), William “Joe” Turner, and leader Bert Ewing. Gerry Tomseth hiked in but didn’t climb.

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