Mt McLaughlin

July 14-15, 1984

Fourteen excited climbers-to-be left Eugene Saturday afternoon under warm and sunny skies. With ice cream stops and oooghing and ahing at the beautiful scenery, we arrived at the trailhead around 7 p.m. in time to set up camp and fix dinner, sharing tales around a nice camp fire. Started up trail at 5:30 a.m. with not many stops till timber line as the flying blood suckers (mosquitoes) were out in full force. Various brands of repellant were in use and I can’t say that anyone scored a “ten”. Even Avon’s Skin-So-Soft was not living up to reputation. Lots of cheering and picture taking as we summited at 11 a.m.

Had six first-time climbers in the group and eight-year-old Seth and 14 year-old Julie put all us ‘old timers’ to shame. After a short glissade school at top, we sounded off as each departed down the slope. (I do not recommend going down in shorts as the upper thigh and rear region numbs off!!) After sharing drinks and cake in the parking lot, the happy and tired crew headed for Eugene. Climbers were Kim, Julie and Seth Christensen, Matt Cooper, Skip and Lynne George, Elvira James, Anthony and Nancy Kennedy, Andy Lee, Gerry Tomseth, Joe Turner and leaders Tom Donnelly and Chris Shuraleff.

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