Three Fingered Jack & Mt Washington

July 7-8, 1984

At 5:20 in the morning, July 7, our group of seven climbers left the Crest trail parking lot on the Santiam Highway to climb Three Fingered Jack. By shortly after ten o’clock we were at the crawl, having lost the trail occasionally as it was obscured by snow. Before traversing the crawl, we paused for snacks and to sing “Happy Birthday” to Christine. We celebrated with a cake, frosted and decorated on the spot. After these festivities, all climbers reached the summit. A friendly pair of climbers from Olympia, Washington gave us appreciated assistance. We never did find the Crest Trail on our way back and, had to make a long walk through snow to the parking lot. Lee kept us going in the right direction.

That evening, two of us moved our camp to Big Lake, met Rick Hargreaves there, and the next morning, Sunday, July 8, climbed Mt Washington. We left camp at 5:20 a.m. and were on top 3½ hours later to lounge a bit before heading back. Again, climbers from Olympia, this time a much larger group, helped with a belay.

Climbing Three Fingered Jack only were Bob Crook, Lee and Wayne Hatch, Carol Horvath, and Christine Ligneau. Climbing just Mt Washington was Rick Hargreaves. Climbing both mountains were Michael Powell and first-time climb leader, George Jobanek.

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