Mt Thielsen

July 1, 1984

Departing at 7:20 a.m. was a merry party of nine including four who were attempting their first mountain. The large amount of snow this time of year was surprising—the trail was difficult to follow up and we never found it on the way down. The weather was sunny and warm, the air still, and the sky clear. All but two made the peak, and even these two found the trip very enjoyable and worthwhile. The view from the top was spectacular with all major Oregon peaks except Hood identifiable, and Mt. Shasta in plain view as well. Making the top were Obsidians Carol Horvath, George “Racehorse” Jobanek, and Steve John, leader.

Also getting to the top were David Schiappa, Shelley Gaudia, and former Obsidians Bud and Peggy Proctor. Climbing to very near the top were Amy Gaudia and, from New York visiting Shelley and Amy, their father, Gil Gaudia.

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