Fall Color

October 6, 1984

Twenty-two members and three non-members went on the annual Fall Color Trip on October 6. It was a beautiful day in spite of early predictions. And we picked the correct weekend; the 13th was terrible!

Guided by “Brush Ape” Dave Burwell, we started up the Cougar Dam Road, but soon left it for side roads that Dave knows by heart. There followed lessons on trees, forestry, fire wood, fungus, logging, ending up at Indian Ridge Lookout (5405') for lunch. With a beautiful view to the east, Dave read off all the snow-capped peaks in order beginning with: Mt Jefferson. Hood not visible. Colors were great in numerous spots. We heard that color comes from vine maple on cleared slopes facing south, or in patches along the roadside having sunshine.

Everyone received a refund, since we had originally thought of a longer trip. Special thanks to 5 members of a calling committee to work up a group, since we had missed the regular Obsidian bulletin: Jan Gund, Virginia DeMers, Laura Hayes, Lillian Johnson, and Jennelle Moorhead.

Fall color viewers and Dave Burwell listeners were Elene Barker, Carlene Beck, Bernice Callison, Lois Chase, Jane Hilt, Sophie Christopher, Irene Flynn, Virginia DeMers, Doris Frese, Lillian and Art Johnson, Laura Hayes, Jennelle Moorhead, Daisie Niccolls, Jane Prince, Frank and Maryelton Schutz, Mary Sheehan, Myrtle Smith, Betty Stamm, Virginia West, Mildred Weatherby, Ruth Williams, Hawk Williams, guide Dave Burwell, and Bill Eaton leader.

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