Oregon Coast

June 2, 1984

We were fortunate to have a lucky day of sunshine as the 22 Obsidian members and friends departed for the Oregon Coast Spring Color bus trip. Although it was still a sweater day, it was clear, and beautiful views of the ocean were seen from many viewpoints. We drove to Florence, cutting off on the Munsel Lake road in order to take in the rhododendrons still in bloom, and then drove back into Florence along Rhododendron Drive and continued up the coast, stopping at Darlingtonia to see the Cobra Lillies and at the Shell Gift Shop close to Yachats.

We arrived in Newport along the bay side shortly after noon and were soon enjoying the delicious seafood at Mo’s. There was time for a little sightseeing and shopping before we left for the Marine Science Center. Here, most everyone found, something of interest although we were disappointed in not seeing the film they had promised, but were not starting this tourist attraction until June 16th.

We then drove to Yaquina Bay Park and some of us climbed the steep steps and visited the Lighthouse which is now a museum, and some say there are still ghosts??? Hardly anybody believed the ghost story, however. We drove through Old Town Newport to Nye Beach (yes, Bill there is a Nye Beach), Grace Smith gave us some historical points about the area and pointed out where her home had once been and the school she had attended. Everyone scattered out at Nye Beach, some visiting the new art gallery and shops and others walking on the beach. We drove home by way of Corvallis and were back in Eugene around 6:30 p.m.

Oregon Coasters were Muriel Aufderheide, Lois Baker, Elene Barker, Rita Baxter, La Velle Berg, Bill and Marge Eaton, Ingrid Carmichael, Elma Lister, Sophie Christopher, Harriet Friday, Ila Morris, Jane Hilt, Jennelle Moorhead, Virginia Horton, Enid Rondeau, Grace Smith, Myrtle Smith, Mildred Weatherby, Joan Pitetti, leader Bette Hack with co-leader Ruth Nichols.

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