Sternwheel Paddle Trip

March 3, 1984

On March 3 at 8 a.m., 27 Obsidians and 10 non-Obsidians left South Eugene High parking lot for a trip to Portland that would include the new Yamhill Street Market Mall and a narrated sightseeing tour of the Portland waterfront. It was overcast when we started but warm sunshine on the boat trip.

The first stop was at the Yamhill St. Market Mall near the waterfront. We had two hours to explore the fascinating shops and select food from small cafes featuring food from many countries and cultures. It was an interesting experience.

At noon our bus picked us up and drove us to the boat dock at the foot of Salmon St. Here we boarded the 145 feet long Sternwheeler “Columbia Gorge.” It is a brand new 2.5 million dollar authentic re-creation of the famous Columbia and Willamette River Steamers 100 years ago. It has two 36' wide heated, enclosed decks with open top deck. It weighs 300 tons and draws 5½' of water. We had a narrated trip of the waterfront up to the Sellwood bridge and down river as far as the University of Portland. They especially pointed out the dry docks with the mammoth oil tankers. Docked in the background were two ships that were and will be involved in deep sea mining. The narration from the Captain’s deck was excellent and added to our knowledge of industrial Portland.

The new buildings on the Portland skyline are exciting—massive blocks of glass and steel.

At 3:30 p.m. we boarded our bus and arrived in Eugene at 6 p.m. Sternwheel paddlers were Ellene Barker, Rita Baxter, Carlene Beck, Mary Bundy, Ingrid Carmichael, Bernie Claypool, Amy Clugstan, Virginia DeMers, Viola Fisher, Doris Frese, Don and Jeri Gott, Bette Hack, Jan Gund, Laura Hayes, Jane Hilt, Lillim and Art Johnson, Joan Keigher, Boa Lefevre, Grace Laramore, Helen Mast, Cara McKenzie, Daisie Niocolls, Janice Pattison, Jane Prince, Bonita Rickard, Grace Smith, Ethel and Robin Steussy, Maryelton and Frank Schutz, Mary Sheehan, Mildred Weatherby, Pearl and Ralph Murphy, and leader Jennelle Moorhead.

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