Warner Mtn

December 18, 1983

Four of us drove through the rather discouraging muck and rain to Oakridge, and thence south to the Buck Creek Rd. at the end of Hills Creek. We managed to get up the road about 6 miles before the snow got too deep for forward progress. A 2–3 mile ski through a lovely winter scene (in spite of the light rain) brought us to our lunch stop. A sheet of plastic was rigged for a lunch shelter. As we enjoyed lunch we spotted some beautiful symetrical sub-alpine firs on a nearby knoll. Once severed, the trees were made into a sled with the plastic sheet underneath. With a fair amount of labor 2 skiers pulled the trees back to the car. Skiers were John Holroyd, Debra Justice, Bonnie Ledford and leader Jerold Williams.

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