Blair Lake

March 20, 1983

Notes from the First Annual Blair Lake Ski Extravaganza:

’Twas the 19th of March in eighty-three,
When we left Eugene under skies cloudy.
We passed Oakridge and on we did go,
’Til around one corner we spotted the snow!
Our skis we strapped on — up the road we did glide,
Looking across at the wide countryside.
Only one hill (?) and then we there,
At the east most end of the Lake they call Blair.
We ate up our lunches and then tried our skill,
At Schussing (and falling) down one nearby hill.
On our way out we all stopped to stand,
For a picture to show our strong merry band.
Going down hill was fun and we played on our way
’Til back at the cars we called it a day.
We stopped two times more as we drove the cars back,
To hike to the warm springs and also to snack.
Snackers, hikers and skiers (a most excellent group:) were Gladys Grancorvitz, Sandra Larsen, Bonnie Ledford, Dorothy Leland, Rachel Major, Don Philpot, Henrietta Richmond and co-leader/poet Mary Fulton with co-leader/photographer Kathi Stroh.

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