West side Three Fingered Jack

March 19, 1983

We left Eugene in Sunshine, arrived at the Crest Trail parking lot at 9:30 a.m. with scattered clouds. The start of the trail was, as usual, skied out and was very icy. We made several early stops to fine tune gear and clothing. As we gained the high ridge line, the snow improved, and we had more sun. We had a good view of Mt. Washington which had a lenticular cloud cap. With improving snow we made good time to the bowl area below the west side of Jack. We made a platform for lunch and the sun burned through the last of the clouds. After getting to know one another better we finished lunch and started the final stages of this trip. We went up on the steep ridges to try the powder.

On making the ridge we had a great view of broken Top, North and South Sisters and Mt. Washington. All the cones, craters, ridges and valleys were floating before us. We could even see skiers at Hoodoo—clear day! As we prepared to start down, we heard a number of birds (finches and jays?), but otherwise very quiet. The sun had warmed the snow; great downhill coming out. (OK, a few falls and “face plants”—but great time!)

We zipped out to the car; stopped at Blue River for coffee and snacks, then home. Strong skiers; interesting conversation. Skiers were Rick Ahrens, Mary Ann Carmack, Herb McMurtry, and leader Mark Perrin.

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