Midnight Lake

March 12, 1983

It was cloudy when we started out. When we got up on the ridge we skied on too far down the road and had to come back. By this time it was mixed snow and rain, so lunch stop was not leisurely. And since Fred broke his ski pole and the weather wasn’t improving any we skied into the lake and made a shorter loop back to the cars by way of Pengra Pass.

Hot chocolate at Mannings warmed us up. As one Californian said “we don’t go skiing in the rain.” In Oregon, however, if you love skiing you have to learn to like it in the rain. We liked it but we were wet. Seven miles skiing in showers were Heather Anderson, Judy Forell, Bonnie Ledford, Herb McMurtry, Fred Richardson, Henrietta Richmond and leader Dot Leland.

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