Walker Mtn

March 6, 1983

We highly recommend skiing up to Huckleberry Mtn Lookout anytime except the weekend of March 6th. Our planned ascent of Huckleberry Mtn was thwarted by a no show of the snow. But all was not lost for we quickly came up with Walker Mtn as an alternative.

We were not able to get as close to the lookout tower road in cars as we wanted to, but we did succeed in making it to the tower, totalling 12 miles round trip on skis. In blizzard conditions our view was somewhat limited to only slightly farther than our ski tips. Skiing quickly down we left the flurries behind us and had an easy glide back to the cars.

Special recognition should go to Herb who made it to the top without looking like he was out of breath or slightly fatigued as the rest of us were. Besides Herb McMurtry, other skiers were Mari Baldwin, Bea Fontana, Romella Hubbard, William Kloster, Dorothy Leland, Henrietta Richmond, Arnie Strehlow, Gerry Tomseth, Mareen Willison, Delores Wright, and leaders Tom Donnelly and Chris Shuraleff.

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